What's Changed

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What's Changed

New Contributors

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What's Changed

Full Changelog:


New Features

  • Enable Split View Mode by @niutech
  • Make the services update infobar dismissable by @kytwb
  • Upgrade electron to 15.2.0 by @vraravam
  • Show service number on icon when first key of switch service hotkey held by @mhatvan
  • Add a global shortcut to toggle main window by @michaelhays
  • Control the global shortcut (for hiding Ferdi) via a preference by @vraravam
  • Control the long-press hint for service icon via a preference by @vraravam
  • Add a per-service wake-up setting by @3b3ziz
  • Added active dialog title feature by @RainGrid
  • Show error indicator when the service fails to load by @Suvarna221B
  • Add feature to resize and fit window to screen on macOS when double clicking on the title bar by @AjeshKumarS
  • Allow file urls for all services by @vraravam
  • Display service name under service icon when the toggle for it is enabled in the settings by @Vishnu017
  • Add current page title to existing title by @Chandrika-Priya
  • Add shortcuts for toggling service from the context menu by @Dee-Bajaj
  • Added improvements for displaying service name under service icon by @AnjithPaul

Internal changes

  • Add eslint-plugin-unicorn by @mhatvan
  • Convert various files from JS to TS by @mhatvan, @vraravam
  • [security] Do not expose electron API directly to services by @kris7t
  • [security] Remove references to electron/remote by @vraravam
  • Upgrade Github macos runner to macos-11 by @vraravam
  • Switching services via keyboard does not switch focus by @mhatvan
  • Update various outdated node modules by @mhatvan, @vraravam
  • remove electron-util and electron-is-dev as dependencies by @vraravam
  • Upgrade pnpm to 6.16.0 by @vraravam
  • Upgrade typescript to v4 by @mhatvan
  • Upgrade material design dependencies to latest by @mhatvan
  • Simplify babel configuration by @mhatvan
  • Upgrade react to latest by @mhatvan
  • Locale selection cleanup by @mhatvan
  • Upgrade node-gyp to 8.3.0 by @vraravam
  • Replace deprecated du with fast-folder-size by @mhatvan
  • Convert class components to functional style by @mhatvan
  • Upgrade electron-builder to 22.14.5 to fix upstream issues. by @vraravam
  • Remove all code related to news by @mhatvan
  • Update eslint setup by @mhatvan
  • Remove unused uidev folder. by @vraravam
  • Move packages/* into src (no longer as injected packages) by @vraravam
  • Remove lerna since we dont use monorepo-style packages any more by @vraravam
  • Use window['ferdi'] (split out from pr #2092) by @vraravam
  • Remove @mdi/font in favor of using icons with @mdi/js directly by @mhatvan
  • Upgrade node-gyp to 8.3.0 (split from #2157) by @vraravam
  • Use local node-gyp instead of global one by @vraravam
  • Use node 16.13.0 and npm 8.1.1 by @mhatvan
  • Use tilde for dependencies instead of locked versions by @mhatvan


  • Fix accent color customization regression by @kris7t
  • Fix Slack connection with Google SSO by @sad270
  • Default zoom level is small and increments are huge by @mhatvan
  • Horizontal bar is a lot wider than what it should be by @mhatvan
  • Fix navigation shortcut accelerator (fixes #1172) by @vraravam
  • Remove counterCache which was precluding from resetting the badge once the counts reached zero by @vraravam

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