How do I create a custom recipe on my server?

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Ferdi Server allows to extend the recipe catalogue with custom recipes.

For documentation on how to create a recipe, please visit our guide.

To add your recipe to ferdi-server, open http://[YOUR FERDI-SERVER]/new in your browser. You can now define the following settings:

  • Author: Author who created the recipe
  • Name: Name for your new service. Can contain spaces and unicode characters
  • Service ID: Unique ID for this recipe. Does not contain spaces or special characters (e.g. google-drive)
  • Link to PNG/SVG image: Direct link to a 1024×1024 PNG image and SVG that is used as a logo inside the store. Please use jsDelivr when using a file uploaded to GitHub as raw.githubusercontent files won’t load
  • Recipe files: Recipe files that you created using the recipe creation guide. Please do not package your files beforehand – upload the raw files (you can drag and drop multiple files). ferdi-server will automatically package and store the recipe in the right format. Please also do not drag and drop or select the whole folder, select the individual files.

Listing custom recipes #

Inside Ferdi, searching for ferdi:custom will list all your custom recipes.