What do you store on your servers? Can you read my messages? Do you store my service credentials?

No, we cannot read your messages or service credentials and we do not store them on our servers.

Here are some things we store:

  • Your Ferdi account credentials like email address and password (don’t worry, your password is securely hashed)
  • Information about your services you’ve set up. This only includes data like “its an instance of WhatsApp with the name ‘WhatsApp Work'” and no session data, messages, contacts or other personal information
  • Information about your Workspaces you’ve set up, this includes the name of the workspace and the services you have in it

We only store this data so that you can use Ferdi across different devices and have the same services, workspaces, etc. on all of them.

If you want to read more on what and how we save your data, you can look at our Privacy Policy or you can even look through the full server source code or set up your own Ferdi server to gain complete control of your data.