Why use Ferdi instead of Franz?

Ferdi has several advantages to Franz that make using Ferdi easier and better:

  • Ferdi, as opposed to Franz, is donation-based and is not connected to a for-profit company. This way, we don’t have any subscriptions or paywalls in our app
  • Ferdi is much more privacy-conscious: We don’t ship with analytics and all telemetry is opt-in only!
  • Ferdi adds support for 30+ new services, now supporting over 100 services in total
  • Ferdi adds tons of new features and bug fixes
  • Ferdi is a lot more maintained. Franz barely gets any new features and bug fixes while the 70+ Ferdi contributors are constantly working on improving Ferdi
  • Ferdi adds a portable Windows version, AUR and flatpak support
  • You can use Ferdi without an account if you want to
  • Ferdi’s server is completely open source (https://github.com/getferdi/server), so you can verify what we do with your data

For a full list of the differences between Ferdi and Franz, visit https://github.com/getferdi/ferdi#what-makes-ferdi-different-from-franz.