All your messaging services in one place

One Slack application, one WhatsApp application, keeping your Webmailer open in the browser? Ferdi brings all your messaging services into one app.

Based on one of the most popular messaging browsers

Ferdi is based on Franz - a messaging browser already used by thousands of people. Due to this, Ferdi is compatible with all Franz recipes and your existing Franz account.

No restrictions

Ferdi doesn't restrict its usage. Use every service you want, as many times as you want and how you want.

Password Lock

Protect your messages by using Password Lock. Password Lock allows you to lock your messages using a password.

No login required

With Ferdi you can choose between logging in to your Ferdi account to sync your services between devices or using Ferdi without an account so your data doesn't get send to external servers.

Custom Servers

Don't want to trust third-parties to store your information? With Ferdi, you can set up your own Server - minimal hardware and knowledge required.

Service Hibernation

By default, Ferdi will keep your services loaded in the background - this can use a lot of resources. If you want to, you can enable service hibernation in Ferdi's settings. This will automatically unload unused services to keep your computer running fast.

Ferdi Todos

Always keep an eye on your Todo list with Ferdi Todos. Already use another Todo service like Todoist? Simply change the Todo Server in Ferdi's settings.

Quick Switch

You have a lot of services that you quickly want to navigate? Simply press CMD/CTRL + P to open Quick Switch and search for your service.

Private Notification

Want to be notified about new messages but don't want to reveal their content? Enable Private Notifications to protect your message information.

Keep individual Workspaces loaded

Ferdi allows you to keep individual Workspaces loaded at all times - so you can continue where you last left.

Scheduled DnD

Define a Do-not-Disturb timeframe, in which Ferdi shouldn't notify you about new notifications.

Dark Mode

Protect your eyes and switch Ferdi to Dark Mode at night. This also works on all your services thanks to DarkReader.

Desktop Notifications

Ferdi uses your System's existing notification system to notify you about new messages.

Built-in support for over 210 services

Other services can be added via the "Custom Website" service.

Speaks your language

Ferdi speaks many languages from all around the world.

Cloud sync

Keep your services and workspaces in sync between all your computers with cloud sync.


Keep your work, personal and hobby separated using workspaces.

Control notifications and audio

Ferdi allows you to control what your services should and shouldn't do. Disable notifications and audio on a service-to-service base.

Unlimited accounts

Ferdi keeps your service sessions separated. This way, you can use as many accounts in a service as you want.

Proxy support

Tell Ferdi to use a Proxy on a per-service basis.


Being built on ElectronJS, Ferdi is compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux.